• Enterprise Data Strategy Advisory

Most Enterprises have multiple Data Management initiatives – MDM, Quality Management Program, Data Migration, Integration to name some. Each initiative is providing a point solution for a specific problem faced by various functions of the Enterprise. This piece meal approach does not incorporate best practices – defining data standards across the organization, collaboration and reuse of data between different business function.

An Enterprise Data Strategy ensures data is managed well and leveraged as an asset.  A data strategy establishes common methods, practices and processes to manage, manipulate and share data across the enterprise in a predictable, repeatable manner. A data strategy establishes a vision for Data in the organization and a road map for the various data initiatives, the timelines for these initiatives based on the business objectives and model, current state of data and concerns.

Jade Biz uses a top down and bottom up approach to building an Enterprise Data Strategy. We help in aligning the organization goals with the Data goals. We review the current data assets, processes, tools and data organization and help in streamlining the same to align with the data strategy.

As a bottoms-up approach, we look the Enterprise Data Ecosystem – reviewing the data sources and defining the types of data being captured.


Jade Biz leverages its proprietary ARRIS Framework covering Assets, Technologies, processes, and products is organized around a set of prerequisites and five dimensions of Data Strategy:

  1. Data Accessibility
  2. Data Relevance
  3. Data Reliability
  4. Data Interpretability
  5. Data Serviceability

Based on the framework, a composite score is determined and recommendations on Policies, Architecture, Tools, Processes and Organization are made.

We help in defining a road map of initiatives to build a data driven culture.

  • Data Governance Advisory

With the advent of Sensor technology, Data Generation and storage has increased exponentially. Data Management / Data Governance programs help in managing data at scale.

Traditional approaches to data governance use quality assurance strategies that try to improve data quality for a small number of data assets. With enterprise data landscapes growing in volume and complexity, such approaches are no longer feasible for enterprise-level data governance.

A good data governance program consists of the following layers:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Profiling and Lineage
  • Data Classification
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Quality

We review the Data Ecosystem and help in recommending the right Governance Platform and define the road map of initiatives to build a sustainable Data Governance program