The frequency and magnitude of data breaches are increasing. Boards of directors and executive management, in addition to IT departments, are more focused on better management and protection of IT systems and data than ever before. Increasingly, data security and privacy management is becoming a major issue for IT departments.

Organizations need Proactive measures and Data Privacy Policies approach to improve Compliance and protect company’s information assets. In order to achieve the above, an approach focusing on three core concepts –  identifying and securing a company’s most valuable assets, continuous monitoring, and a structured, fast response to a breach – provide the clarity to move forward confidently.

Leveraging industry best practices, Jade Biz provides expert-level data security and Privacy Management Services  to Large and SMB organizations. We help organizations implement an automated approach to comprehensive monitoring for data ecosystems.

We help organizations build machine-centric approach to data security and data privacy which is much more cost-effective than traditional approaches. It is:

  1. Automated
  2. Scalable to large data ecosystems at the enterprise or global level
  3. Continuously running (monitoring changes to security profiles)