What is data quality management (DQM) exactly? In a nutshell, DQM is:

  • The acquisition of data
  • The implementation of advanced data processes
  • Effective distribution of data
  • Managerial oversight of data

There are 20 layers to building a successful Data Quality Program.

While the digital age has been successful in prompting innovation far and wide, it has also facilitated what is referred to as the “data crisis” of the digital age–low-quality data.

Low-quality data is the leading cause of failure for advanced data and technology initiatives, to the tune of $600 billion dollars. That is how much low-quality data costs American businesses each year (not counting businesses in every other country of the world).

Jade Biz helps organizations in building a self-sustaining Data Quality Program. We recommend the tools and metrics to help organizations migrate their Data Ecosystems from low quality to Automated high quality,