Implementation Services

Globalization, competition, regulations and economic pressures will always be a constant. Data growth, digitization, and multi tenancy is making things even more complex– but disputing over and deciphering your data doesn’t have to be.

Jade Biz’s implementation services help Enterprises access information already contained within enormous stores of data, fuse it with external data from third party providers and social networks, and integrate it with core business operations. Our data scientists and quantitative experts help you source, cleanse, organize and interpret raw data into advanced business information through modeling and visualization.


  • Data Quality Management

What is data quality management (DQM) exactly? In a nutshell, DQM is:

  • The acquisition of data
  • The implementation of advanced data processes
  • Effective distribution of data
  • Managerial oversight of data

There are 20 layers to building a successful Data Quality Program.

While the digital age has been successful in prompting innovation far and wide, it has also facilitated what is referred to as the “data crisis” of the digital age–low-quality data.

Low-quality data is the leading cause of failure for advanced data and technology initiatives, to the tune of $600 billion dollars. That is how much low-quality data costs American businesses each year (not counting businesses in every other country of the world).

Jade Biz helps organizations in building a self-sustaining Data Quality Program. We recommend the tools and metrics to help organizations migrate their Data Ecosystems from low quality to Automated high quality,

  • Data Privacy Management

The frequency and magnitude of data breaches are increasing. Boards of directors and executive management, in addition to IT departments, are more focused on better management and protection of IT systems and data than ever before. Increasingly, data security and privacy management is becoming a major issue for IT departments.

Organizations need Proactive measures and Data Privacy Policies approach to improve Compliance and protect company’s information assets. In order to achieve the above, an approach focusing on three core concepts –  identifying and securing a company’s most valuable assets, continuous monitoring, and a structured, fast response to a breach – provide the clarity to move forward confidently.

Leveraging industry best practices, Jade Biz provides expert-level data security and Privacy Management Services  to Large and SMB organizations. We help organizations implement an automated approach to comprehensive monitoring for data ecosystems.

We help organizations build machine-centric approach to data security and data privacy which is much more cost-effective than traditional approaches. It is:

  1. Automated
  2. Scalable to large data ecosystems at the enterprise or global level
  3. Continuously running (monitoring changes to security profiles)
  • Data Migration Services

Data migration is a key component when moving to a new system built in-house or purchased from a vendor. Surveys indicate that 20 – 40% of the cost of any new system project is dedicated to migrating data from legacy systems to the new application. Employing a feature-rich data migration framework and established methodology is a far more reliable approach compared to hand-written scripts and programs using SQL, SSIS, VB, C# or Java. It greatly reduces cost, while guaranteeing timely delivery.

Jade Biz Services helps you with successful, on-time, high-quality data migration strategy comprised of a structured methodology, robust toolset and specialist expertise. Working with our professionals, your project SME resources will rightly focus on their critical strengths in developing requirements for sources, mapping, data transformation, error detection, and data validation.

  • Data Modeling and Visualization
  • Ontology Design Services
  • Data PMO