Containerization and Orchestration

Package your software code so it can run uniformly on any infrastructure.

By leveraging data containerization concepts, you can create and deploy software solutions faster. JBS helps developers bundle different containers, including application codes, libraries, files, and dependencies, into a single container to create standalone portable applications that can run on any platform. Our data orchestration services do something similar for your data. We pull siloed data from multiple locations and combine it to create more powerful data analysis tools.

Our Containerization and Orchestration Services

More than 87% of companies have low data analytics and business intelligence maturity. Make sure you’re not one of them thanks to JBS’s containerization and orchestration services.

Create Standalone Software Solutions

Don’t waste time dealing with all of the bugs and problems that come with trying to transfer code between operating systems. With containerization, your applications become portable so they can run on the cloud or any platform without issues.

Consolidate Your Data

Trying to pull data from multiple sources is time-consuming and increases the chances of errors. Data orchestration allows you to extract key data and centralize it for easier reporting, visualization, and general use.

Easier Management

Automate the scaling, installation, and management of containerized services. Put your siloed data into a central location. With containerization and orchestration, you can easily manage application rollouts and updates while always having access to key data insights.

Rapid Deployment and Seamless Access to Data

  • Create applications that work across platforms
  • Automate application scaling and integration
  • Centralize data stores
  • Build more powerful data analysis tools
  • Reduce time to deployment

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