Data Integration and Engineering

Combine speed with reliability thanks to our data integration and engineering services.

Make your data more reliable and accurate with modern data integration and engineering tools. Clear out bad data and get rid of the repeat data that slows down reporting and makes it harder to gain valuable insights.

Our Data Integration and Engineering Services

Get the accurate data your organization needs to plan for future growth.

Integrations Prioritization

We prioritize which data you need to integrate so you can start gaining crucial insights faster. We also use the tools needed to make disparate data sources cohesive and consistent.

Data Transformation

Clean your existing data and transform it into data that your new architecture can leverage. Turn your raw data into actionable insights to further your business goals.

Create Data Pipelines

Automate workflows and testing with new data pipelines that speed up data analytics and transformation. Our processes remove the bottlenecks that slow down your ability to learn from your data.

Improve Data Quality

Inaccurate and repeated data affect your reports and may lead you in the wrong direction. JBS helps you determine your company’s best approach to data cleansing and provides the tools needed to get clean data.

Make Your Data Usable

  • Transform existing data for modern architecture
  • Integrate what you need when you need it
  • Make disparate data sources consistent
  • Expert data cleansing
  • Faster data analytics

Industries We Work With

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