Data Visualization

What We Do?

Data Visualization Design Thinking

Design thinking-driven Data Visualization service to create meaningful reports, dashboards and insights. 

Business Insights

Rapid Business Insights through actionable reports and dashboards.

Reports and Dashboards

Designing, Design Implementation, Deployment and adoption of reports and Dashboards across enterprise.


Build, Manage, and Optimize data Visualization platform administration services.

How We Do?

Design Thinking
Business Insights
Design Prototype
Build & Test Report/Dashboard
Validate Business Insights
Deploy & Manage

How JBS Can Help You?

Make Existing Reports Actionable

Run Design Thinking Sessions

Expertise in BI Tools

Embedded Reports and Dashboards

Customized Reporting

Experience and Reliability

Data Modelling in Reporting Tool

Technology Stack

Data Consolidation

Data Preparation

Data Modelling

Visualization and Reporting

Report Distribution

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