DataOps And MLOps

Combine business and IT functions to create cross-functional Ops areas in your organization

It was once standard practice to separate a company’s business functions from its IT operations. That isn’t the case anymore. With DataOps and MLOps, you apply agile principles traditionally reserved for software development to your entire business. The result is a data-driven approach to your work that accelerates processes and enables rapid business expansion.

Our DataOps and MLOps Services

Optimize your data products rapidly and at a low cost with our DataOps and MLOps services.

Extract Value Out of Your Data

Using a combination of advanced analytics, machine learning models, and data pipelines, JBS helps businesses create agile AI solutions. Your company receives more accurate insights that allow it to make strategic moves faster based on what the data tells you.

Deploy Machine Learning Models

Apply the DevOps methodology of continuous deployment and integration to your machine learning models. Train your models with data while managing the logistics of deploying those models between your IT and operations teams

Continuous Development and Testing

Implement version control mechanisms that allow you to keep track of your data visualizations and tools. Using automated continued code tests, we speed up the delivery of code so your operations teams can deploy data-driven solutions faster.

A New Way of Working

  • Rapidly deploy data-driven solutions
  • Automate testing
  • Enhance collaboration between IT and operational teams
  • Optimize your data products
  • Create an agile working environment

Industries We Work With

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