How We Work

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Step 1

Consult With You

JBS collaborates closely with our clients to determine their specific data needs. Our consultation examines what your company has, what it needs to implement, and the strategies that unlock your most valuable asset.

We’ll take a look at your current data journey to identify gaps and inefficiencies. Our team will also examine your databases and data maps to see if there’s a need to redesign them. After the initial consultation, we’ll know the exact state of your data and how to move forward.

Step 2

Analyze the Solution

We offer data solutions customized to your business. After your consultation, our team of experts analyzes its findings to create a comprehensive data strategy for your business.

We’ll help you create data models that will define your database’s logical structures. In addition, we provide data integration, warehousing, and migration suggestions that will best support your operations. If there are any data storage and maintenance concerns, our team will address them to make sure your database stays clean and well-structured.

data solutions
data integration

Step 3


We share our proposed solution and implement any feedback you have. When you’re ready to move forward, we implement your new data strategy.

Our experts will support you at every stage of the implementation process. We’ll provide in-depth training so your team can seamlessly adopt our solutions. To ensure your strategy stays on the right track, we’ll help you put a solid reporting system in place.

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