Oil and Gas

Employ data analytics tools to lower the maintenance costs and downtime of crucial refinement equipment. Manage your assets to create a more cost-effective production process.

From managing seismic data to optimizing the drilling process, there’s a plethora of reasons to leverage big data in the oil and gas industry. Proper data collection and analysis are the cornerstones of a successful project, and our services can help you achieve them.

Here’s how you can benefit from adopting high-end data solutions:

  • Improved logistics and safer transport
  • More effective reservoir production
  • Proactive machine maintenance

Improve safety measures and reduce costs with in-depth data analytics.

The oil and gas industries rely on data for a host of processes, including drilling, exploration, and production operations. You also need to analyze seismic data quickly, allowing your business to make rapid decisions. JBS helps oil and gas companies develop their data infrastructures and provides access to modern tools that make interpreting your data easier than ever.

How We Help Oil and Gas Companies

Your company’s data is vital for a safe and effective operation. We help you leverage insights from your data to make well-founded decisions in critical areas.

Improving Safety Standards

Ensuring the safety of your workforce is a key challenge. Access vital emissions data and use predictive analytics to ensure your drilling operations are as safe as possible.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive analytics help you to estimate the impact of your operations on the equipment you use. Prevent extensive and costly downtime by monitoring equipment so you can conduct proactive maintenance and repairs.

Lower Production Costs

Everything from your pipeline operations to drilling wells requires investment. With the right data, you maximize the efficiency of core business processes, reducing production costs and increasing profits in the process.

Increase Offshore Production Capacity

Data from McKinsey shows us that the average offshore production facility operates at 77% of its maximum capacity. That failure to reach maximum capacity costs billions of dollars every year. Using your company’s data, you can confront the operational issues that lead to loss of production capacity.

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