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Help organizations meet their full potential and enjoy a fascinating career in the world of data.

JBS prides itself on taking the utmost care of our employees. When you work with JBS, you join a collective of talented and experienced professionals who can help you take your career in whatever direction you want it to go in. And we do all of this while placing customer satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities.

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Feel fulfilled, have fun, and help us shape the future.

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Company Overview

Vital solutions that prepare your organization for the data age.

Founded in 2017, JBS is a consulting firm that specializes in data. We work with a wide range of organizations in the healthcare, finance, energy, and oil and gas fields to provide consulting, data, analytics, and application integration services. We also offer managed IT solutions to organizations that have small internal technology teams. Our mission is to help employees achieve their potential and instill values that last beyond your tenure with JBS. To complete that mission, we do the following:

  • Provide freedom to make decisions, failure is an option.
  • Offer training so you can use the most modern data-driven tools to help our clients
  • Provide flexible schedule and vacation plan to support your priorities
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