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About JBS

JBS vision is built on 3 key principals:

  • Cloud is the future: All businesses, small or big, will leverage Cloud as an integral part of their IT strategy
  • Data will be the new oxygen: All companies will leverage Data and Data Sciences to get business insights and make decisions
  • Industry knowledge will be key: A deep understanding of Industry Operations, Processes, Issues, and Gaps coupled with great technical skills will be key to their success

About JBS

JBS’s mission is to Empower Customer Data Journey

While our services focus on how your company can leverage its data to its full potential, our customers are the heart and soul of JBS. Our pragmatic and goal-focused approach ensures our customers receive exactly what they need from their data and analytics solutions. Our team aims to understand different challenge you face, analyze if it can be solved leveraging data and then help you implement data solutions designed to support and grow your business. We work as partners with your organization, allowing you to achieve a best-in-class position within your industry.

About JBS

Our Values

At JBS, we believe in empowering people beyond their careers. Our values should last long beyond their tenures and enrich their lives.

  • JBS goal is to build leaders (Jedis). Employees are empowered to make decisions and take risks. Success or Failure, employees are encouraged to work and learn from experience.
  • Prioritize self being. Team members are given space to decide how they want to work with flexible schedules and flex vacation plans
  • JBS believes in gender equality and providing growth opportunities to personnel who had a gap in work or have shown commitment but need to be retrained for upskilling.

    We pride ourselves with a culture which is open, risk-taking, honest, hardworking, and diverse.
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