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JBS is a US-based consulting firm, passionate about empowering businesses of all sizes with data and analytics. We specialize in crafting tailored data strategies and delivering measurable results. Our mission is to help you build a Data-Driven Culture, where data fuels innovation and informed decisions. Whether you’re a large corporation or a smaller enterprise, we offer flexible solutions and ongoing support to make your data-driven vision a reality.


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Our Mission

Unleash business potential through tailored data solutions, fostering industry leadership.

Our Vision

JBS’s vision rests on three core principles:

1. Cloud as the future: Businesses, regardless of size, will integrate Cloud into their IT strategies.

2. Data as vital as oxygen: Companies will use Data and Data Sciences for insights and decisions.

3. Industry expertise paramount: Success hinges on blending deep Industry understanding with strong technical acumen.

Our Values

JBS Goal

JBS goal is to build leaders (Jedis). Employees are empowered to make decisions and take risks. Success or Failure, employees are encouraged to work and learn from experience.

Prioritize self being

Team members are given space to decide how they want to work with flexible schedules and flex vacation plans

JBS believes

JBS believes in gender equality and providing growth opportunities to personnel who had a gap in work or have shown commitment but need to be retrained for upskilling.

Women empowerment

JBS proudly maintains a 60% female workforce, reflecting a strong commitment to workplace diversity and women empowerment. This statistic underscores our dedication to inclusivity.

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Our History

Founded by visionary leaders in data analytics, JBS has evolved into a dynamic force in the data-driven business landscape. We embarked on this journey with a profound belief that data is not just information; it's a transformative asset that can empower organizations to make smarter decisions, drive growth, and gain a competitive edge.

Why Do Clients Choose JBS?

Extensive Experience

In addition to the collective experience brought to JBS by our company founders, we maintain an insightful and talented team of experts.

Streamlined Implementation and Integration

We do far more than recommended data-powered solutions for your business. We help you integrate those solutions into your existing processes and provide extensive support.

Undeniable Results

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped many organizations solve problem-built roadmaps and modernize their data, analytics, and integration landscapes to help achieve their technology and business objectives.

Meet our Team Members

Deepak Chandwani


Uma Duvvuri

Senior Vice President

Varun Ethiraj

Director-India Business Unit

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